Although I'm very happy for people to watch this without any introduction, I would also like to explain a bit about the many layers running through it. Documentary is a collabration between subjects and the director. The director interpreting and editing TRUTH as he sees it, presented by the subjects... In this case, I asked 100 questions to 50 randomly chosen Londoners but I chose to include the answers that reflect my own. Therefore as each character is answering about himself, he is also answering about ME. It is my personal presentation told through the voices of others. A further level is added becuase in documentary, in order to reach a higher TRUTH, the director may employ fiction/recreation/animation/metaphor so long as he is open and honest with the audience about his use of such techniques. In the case of Voices, a fiction is presented by the characters in black and white who are not answering a TRUTH as they see it but are reading something I have asked them to, my TRUTH.

"The art of documentary is making your voice heard, without drowning out the voice of others"