Oktoberfest (made in Rabaul)
Oktoberfest in Papua New Guinea - draught beer, "knackwurst" and the German "chicken dance". That’s what it looks like when this world-famous festival takes place at the Rabaul Yacht Club. The RYC is the social heart and meeting point for all the expatriates living in Rabaul. There aren’t many left since the eruption of Mt. Tavurvur in 1994 when the town was buried in volcanic ash. Today the expat-community is small, but closely connected. For Rabaul’s social life the annual Oktoberfest is something for a change and a real highlight in the course of the year. The organizers of the function are highly committed, never intimidated by the belching volcano in the background.
The German filmmakers that happened to be around were directly acknowledged as "Oktoberfest-experts" and included in the preparations. Thus they not only got to know a "strange" version of the Oktoberfest but they were also given by the expats an insight into their "exotic" everyday life.