Helping Things to Reappear - Conversations with Minnette Vári
South Africa is today one of the most dynamic and vigorous spaces of artistic practice. This series portrays Minnette Vari, Tracey Rose, Johan Thom and Thando Mama, three leading South African artists who work with their own body, documenting, altering and irrealizing their performances with video. Based on the same artistic tools, the results, however, are strikingly different.

This film is on Minnette Vári, one of the most influential South African artists of our time. Vári is deeply fascinated by objects and their (hi-)stories. Both have and will always be there but undergo constant metamorphoses. Her approach is platonic in that she sees herself as a tool for these objects and stories to reappear: "Finding things to me is very important. I love serendipity, I love happening upon something. On the other hand, however, finding is more like retrieving. Everything already exists. I have the strange notion that even the art work that you are about to make is already existing in some other realm."