Get Lost / Atnac erik
In the godforsaken land on both sides of the Latvian - Estonian border people are awaiting \"the coming of Europe\" in candlelight with no electricity. A film painting the difference between the urban consciousness and the crude rural values.

The social situation in the borderlands of the countries is always strange, because that is where different cultural traditions mix together and the habits of people are dictated by the restrictions of the laws. The borderland of Latvia is like the edge of the world, because the transport is developed very poorly and the possibilities of communication are limited. But people who live there consider this isolation as a privilege.
The situation for people living in the borderland turns out to be quite similar to the reality shows which are now very popular ? the circle of people is very small, they plot, set rumours abroad and provoke conflicts just to make life more interesting.

At the very border in a small rural district called Naukseni lives a man whos name is Eriks Baltgalvis.