Ahead of the soccer Worldcup 2010 a journey to the Western Cape is showing extraordinary people and their stories. South Africa, ahead of the Soccer World Cup 2010, is more than just a paradise for European tourists! Our journey took us to discover the diversity and richness of the people and culture from the Cape of Good Hope.
An exclusiv interview with Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner / a visit to Brett Murray, Artist / Pamela Mtati, Teacher at the Linge Secondary School & founder of the Likhwezi Dance project / Sport & Art Exchange, Soccer Academy, where ballet training is part of the daily workout of future professional soccer players / Soli Philander, moderator at the Capetalk 567 Radiostation, takes us on air to every corner of the Western Cape…
Back from our trip we show these outstanding meetings which stimulate lust to know more about South Africa. By illustrating brilliant people with open hearts telling about their social involvement, we present a closer look on the Spirit and culture in South Africa, ahead of this African 1st Global Sport Event.